The advisory process

A robust process ensures good outcomes

Money earned needs to work for you – to further your goals. We can assist you there.

We would start with understanding your objectives & goals. Then we would evaluate your current situation & financial position and get a sense of what is happening in your life. After that, we analyse the information, come up with alternative scenarios, consider strategies that would best work in that situation, completely look at all financial decisions one has taken and it’s fitment & relevance to where one wants to go. After complete 360 degree analysis, we would come up with our recommendation. This is the start of the financial planning process.

We have a detailed and holistic Financial Planning process that lays the roadmap to systematically achieve the goals you may have, by way of appropriate wealth management. A Financial plan gives you a structure, a pathway to follow & achieve your goals in a pre-meditated manner. While creating the plan, the planner looks into your life goals, your current situation, committed expenses, income / expense pattern, risk exposure, cash flows, future commitments etc. and suggests a plan of action, with which you could comfortably sail through life, meeting all the goals set within the timeframe, in a planned manner.

This process brings in the required perspective and gives you a framework, to systematically achieve your goals. It also forces discipline in spending and saving, which helps you to cruise towards your goals, relentlessly and achieve them eventually. The planner would suggest corrective steps in existing investments and loans, as required, unlock money locked-up in unproductive assets, discuss your goals, funding of assets, expense rationalization, provide clarity about future requirements for children, retirement funding, provisioning for medical exigencies, providing a security blanket for the family, correct asset/ savings mix, tax planning … in short, everything that concerns you. 

As can be seen, the financial plan is the blueprint that the planner creates to put a framework to what needs to be achieved.  It lays down the path that one needs to travel to achieve the goals. The Financial Plan & the advice offered therein, ensures that there is clarity and step by step progression towards the goal, ensuring peace of mind.

Financial Planning is an ongoing exercise. Financial Planning is just the start of the journey.  We engage with our clients on an ongoing basis after the plan to ensure that they are always on track. We act as the personal CFOs to our clients.

With us, you focus on what you do best. We will anchor the financial portion of your life!