PLanning / advice

Good plan/ advice can transform your future

Money is important – that much we all realise. We work 35-40 years of our lives to earn money. We want to ensure that our goals are met and our family is well taken care of. We plan for everything in life – from birthdays, anniversaries to picnics

Yet, most people leave the most important thing of all – money – to chance. We seldom think much about it. Ask yourself – do you have the time, inclination, knowledge or skills required to manage your money, efficiently? If it is a No, you may also not have a cogent vision of what needs to be done for securing your future.

Money lies around in the bank account as we don’t have time to look at it, evaluate options and deploy them properly. Finance is not an interesting subject & a whole lot of us detest it. Hence, investing money becomes a low priority subject. People invest based on what a friend has done, what they have read in the papers or based on the “advice” given by their agent ! This results in haphazard investments without understanding what actually needs to be done or whether one is moving towards the goal. In a lot of cases, there is complete chaos in one’s finances due to a blizzard of investments without any pattern.

This poses uncertainties with regard to goal achievement and a distinct sense of unease, about the future.

The problem today is that people do not know whom to turn to for conflict-free, unbiased advice. Agents & distributors represent their Principals and do their bidding. Their commissions come from the companies they represent and their loyalties would lie with them. Also, these people are sales people and their knowledge base would be rather limited. They would not be able to offer holistic advice, even if they wanted to. This is the typical problem most people face.

But, there is a new class of Advisors who can offer unbiased, conflict-free advice. We are such advisors. We are fee-only advisors & represent only our clients. We are consultants to you in the area of personal finance – not product sellers. We do not receive commissions & have no vested interest in recommending any products to you. We are SEBI Registered Investment Advisers ( RIA ) & are Fiduciaries. We have your best interests at heart.

We are also qualified to offer proper advice. We have the education, experience and the certifications ( CFP ) to advice you correctly. We are hence trusted advisors to our client.

Earning well is not enough. You need the right advisors who will work in your best interests & help you reach your goals. After all, you are spending so much time & effort to earn it. You deserve it !