Your Personal CFO

There is a lot on one’s plate already. We want to focus on the career & forge ahead, give time to our families; pursue hobbies & interests, relax and let the hair down with friends. We can do all these. As your advisors, we will anchor & hold the reins to the financial side of your life – as your personal CFOs.

We all have a lot going on in our life. We are busy with our careers, which these days have become very demanding. We are hard pressed for time. Then we have our personal life where we would like to spend our time. In this fast-paced world, it gets difficult to juggle all the responsibilities that one has.

Tailor-Made, Expert Financial Advice

Now, on top of this one needs to ensure that one’s goals are fulfilled too. Managing the money that one earns is very important & yet most people spend very little time doing that. Finances are not an engrossing area. Also, people do not understand this domain well and hence take decisions based on wrong premises.

People, for instance, invest money in the product that is offering the best returns, at that point. While that sounds like a great idea, it is not. For one, people tend to get in at the wrong time and exit again at the wrong time and end up with terrible returns. The other important point is that we need to invest in such a manner that it is suitable for achieving life’s objectives.

A carefully curated portfolio of products is expected to help achieve the goals one may have in life. We need to understand that different products perform well at different points and we need that bouquet to achieve the right outcomes in one’s life.

This does not come easily to everyone. The area of finance has become complicated today. Life itself has become more complex. Getting the financial architecture right so that all the significant goals are met is a difficult task for anyone.

Getting the right blueprint, executing the actions that need to be carried out, monitoring the plan on an ongoing basis and making appropriate course corrections along the way. This is actually a specialised area & we as financial planners & advisors can offer our professional assistance.

Ongoing, Focussed Financial Advice

We assist our clients after understanding their needs and their personal situation to come up with a plan that will help them achieve the desired outcomes. We also engage with our clients on an ongoing basis, if they want us to, and discuss with them about any changes in their life, perform plan & portfolio reviews and offer ongoing advice.

We act as their confidants/advisors and completely anchor the financial side of life so that they can focus their energies on their personal & professional life. We act as our clients personal CFOs.

This is hugely empowering & liberating for our clients and actually allows them to live their life.

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