engagement process

Together we will create a robust future

When a client comes to us, we need to understand them as well as their needs thoroughly. Only then, we would be able to offer a solution that meets their requirements. Hence, we gather comprehensive information on our client regarding their personal life situation, their expectations and goals as well as their financial position. Based on this, we would need to figure out, what needs to be done for them.

Initial Engagement – The financial planning / advisory engagement starts with a financial plan, as this is what would offer a comprehensive roadmap to achieve the goals in life. The first thing that needs to be done is to establish the feasibility of achieving the various goals after factoring for the expenses, throughout life. When we do this exercise, we would know if is possible to meet the goals or if only some of them are feasible which means that we need to go back to the drawing board. We will have discussions with our clients and help them prioritise goals, scale or push back some or even drop the goal, if necessary. Once we have clarity on what we need to plan for, we could proceed ahead

We first need a blueprint, which will help us build the edifice.

In the next level, we would focus on the next twelve months and look at the cash inflows in this period & how they need to be allocated to meet the liquidity needs, contingencies, goals, provisions for big expenses & long-term achievement of client objectives. One of the important focus areas for us is to secure the family from any adversity.  We analyze the needs and come up with appropriate covers for life, medical, accident & other areas where the family might stand exposed. We also take into account the risk tolerance levels as well as other parameters, before arriving at an appropriate asset allocation that will work well for the client. We would keep discussing the plan at every level to ensure that the plan fits the client like a glove. The final recommendations are offered after comprehensively poring over all existing investments, insurances, loans etc. & after due consideration for what they need to achieve, given their current situation. We offer detailed and actionable recommendations, in an easy to follow & implement monthly action plan. 

To get the best value from the planning engagement, diligent & faithful implementation of the plan is imperative. This financial plan would provide clarity on one’s finances & the path that needs to be followed to achieve the goals.

The ongoing engagement –  To get best value from the financial plan, we have ongoing engagements which helps in unlocking the value of the planning process.   To ensure & facilitate that, we have come up with a perpetual engagement model where we would offer ongoing client engagement sessions,  plan and portfolio reviews at regular intervals as well as financial consultations throughout.  This engagement is ongoing & you could enjoy the benefits, on a perpetual basis. We would even redo the plan or even completely recreate the plan in future if required, as a part of this engagement.

Implementation of the plan recommendations is a critical component while trying to unlock the value of the planning engagement.  Due to paucity of time and lack of experience in handling implementation, many clients implement recommendations partially or even wrongly. To assist our clients, we have Implementation Partners who would onboard our clients on an online platform, facilitate implementation & provide reporting and back-office support.  

We suggest Direct Plans in Mutual Funds, which many find difficult to implement. Our Implementation partners are geared to assist here.  

We completely take charge of our client’s financial life. We would anchor their finances well such that they have enough time to enjoy their personal life and flourish in their professional career. We become their personal CFOs. We offer peace of mind, which our clients so richly deserve.   

Leave your worries with us. And take instead, clarity about your future & peace of mind!