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You have come to a trusted financial planner

We are SEBI Registered Investment Advisers ( RIA ).
We are unbiased, conflict-free & client-centric advisors.

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We work only in your best interests

We are Fiduciaries who put the client’s interest ahead of everything else. We are fee-only advisors, not product sellers.

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Come to us to get clarity & peace of mind

You need someone who will give you the blueprint & show the path ahead. Our 15+ years experience will work in your favour.

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Finances have never been this interesting!

Here is our book about personal finances & financial planning, in a gripping story format!

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Our world revolves around you

Our clients are our focus. We are SEBI Registered fee-only advisors who are bound by regulations to be conflict-free
& work in your best interests – always. That’s the reason our clients trust us. We deliver clarity & peace of mind.

Financial Life Planning helps you re-imagine & transform your life

Financial Life Planning allows you to explore the possibilities in your life & envision the life you want to create for yourself.

We will facilitate the discovery process & help in coming up with a vision of the kind of life that may be exciting & truly worth living.

The life that is created is authentically yours with we playing the facilitator role in the process of re-imagining your life and then going ahead and transforming it.

Suresh Sadagopan is a Fee-Only, Fiduciary financial advisor from Mumbai.

A trailblazer that the financial advisory industry looks up to

Always at the leading edge of advisory evolution

Suresh Sadagopan is a respected & hallowed name in the financial advisory space. He has started his advisory practice way back in 2004 and founded Ladder7 Financial Advisories, when financial planning was virtually unknown and paying fees for advice was an alien concept (many insist that it is so even today!).

He is a votary of conflict-free advice and a vocal proponent of putting the client interest first. As a Fiduciary registered  with SEBI, that is exactly what Ladder7 clients experience. He has served as a Director on the FPSB, India Board, an advisory board member to Network FP & The Financial Planners’ Guild, India (FPGI). He also was the Founding President of FPGI.

He is a thought leader & an influential voice in the industry and can be found offering insights across the print, television & social media spaces. He also actively plays the role of a mentor to legions of fledgling & established advisors.


Planning is about Architecture, not products

When planning for anything, we should know what the end objective is without any true basis. We need to understand what we want to achieve and put in place a plan that helps to achieve that outcome. Such a plan will breakdown what needs to be done and in what sequence, so that the end objective is achieved.

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Is Crypto as an asset class relevant today?

Crypto assets have a polarising influence on people. There are sold-out fans who envisage a crypto led future, to skeptics who denounce Cryptos for the exaggerated sense of importance given to them without any true basis.

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Why Philanthropy Matters, From Humble Beginnings to Monumental Change

Philanthropy, the act of donating time, resources, or talent to worthy causes, isn’t merely a financial transaction; it’s the vibrant thread that weaves a stronger social fabric. It’s the bridge that connects privilege with responsibility, fostering positive change and nurturing a sense of collective well-being.

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Is Your Corporate Armor Strong Enough?

Discover the strengths and weaknesses of corporate medical insurance. While it offers a basic defense, there are limitations you need to know. Ensure robust protection for you and your loved ones, no matter the battlefield of life. Invest wisely in additional medical insurance today!

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When good intentions may backfire…

Parents do not want their children to struggle. They will do all that they can to give their children the best they can – best of toys and games when young, expensive clothes and accoutrements, snazzy gadgets, ensure creature comforts including AC rooms, travel by cars/ planes etc.

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Financial Planning Can Truly Make Lives Better