Is Life Planning for me?

Many of us are living life as it unspools. We just seem to float on the river of life like driftwood and go where it takes us. Many of us have not even thought of the kind of life that would be meaningful & inspiring to us. Why live a pedestrian life when it can be so much more vibrant? Life planning helps us to get the clarity we need & help to visualise and create that vibrant life. 

Each one of us is looking for a life that we are truly happy and satisfied about. We all want a life that is truly exciting, meaningful and fills our heart with happiness & contentment. We all want to experience the exhilaration of a life that is filled with activities that we have always longed for. A sense of purpose & a tremendous sense of freedom in life is a dream that we cherish & long for.

Why should it be a mere pipe dream? It can actually be the life we want. A Life Planner can help you get there through Financial Life Planning.

Is Life Planning for everyone?

This is a logical question which arises in the minds of most people. People assume that Life Planning is a luxury which only those who have sorted their finances & have provided well for the goals can indulge in. The fact is that many of the goals are default choices. We have not given thought about whether these are our real goals and even if they make sense.. Even these goals keep changing as many of them are not well thought through goals, in the first place.

Many goals people have may not be the ones that would add value & meaning to their lives. Most times, they add to the stress, without adding any joy or fulfillment in their lives. That’s because many pursue the wrong goals and would be expending their time and energy on them, which would actually be taking them away from the life they want for themselves.

Hence, Life Planning is important to do, right  at the start, for everyone – to clarify to themselves about what that they want to do in their lives. Only then the true goals will be evident and one will find vigour & vitality to create that fulfilling life, they always wanted. Their energies will then be well directed & the life will be truly worth living – every moment of it!

Is this possible to make happen in every case?

It all depends upon the individual. The Life Planner is a facilitator. The client would need to engage with the process and come out with what a perfect, well-lived life would look like for them.  

The Life Planner could help in stringing together the important elements in their life for them to consider, while creating the wonderful life that their heart desires. The Life Planner will endeavour to ignite the fire that would kindle the emotions and galvanise the client into action to make the new life plan come into being, while also helping the client see obstacles, when their energy & enthusiasm flags and they seem to be moving away from their life plan. If the client wants to make the life plan into a reality and shows enthusiasm then the Life Planner can truly help.

Life planning looks fuzzy; how successful can it be?

There is really nothing fuzzy about Life Planning at all. What we endeavour to understand here is what kind of life would a person be truly happy in. Is that not we are all truly interested in? Do we all not want to live a life of happiness, contentment, vigour, a wonderful sense of freedom and liberation, contentment & achieving potential?  If we all actually crave for a life of meaning & fulfillment, Life Planning seeks to make this happen.

This process helps a person understand what is truly important in their life and helps them create that life. Financial planning is done once they have understood what they truly want.

Who will be my financial life planner?

person who has undergone the training, preparing him for being a Life Planner, is the one who can help. Suresh Sadagopan, Founder, Ladder7 Financial Advisories has gone through the Kinder method of Life Planning and is a Life Planner. He will lead the sessions and assist clients with life planning. The financial portions would be done by the team under his guidance. It must now be reasonably clear that Life Planning can help us all.

Everyone wants to live a truly fulfilling & meaningful life. Life planning is hence needed by everyone.

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