Our Model & philosophy

Clients are at the center of our universe!

Our Model – Our’s is a detailed engagement model, where we spend a lot of time & effort in the planning/ advisories that we deliver to our clients. When we start off on the planning process, we create a financial plan. We spend between 60-70 hours on the financial plan – which is unprecedented in our industry. 

We have a qualified team of planners/ advisors to ensure that you get class-leading services & insightful advisories that work. We commit upto three planners per assignment. Also, our financial plan is done at three levels. Our planners also walk you through the plan, at every level. All this means that the advice that is offered is truly personalized & tailor-made to your unique needs & situations. You will fully understand what we are doing for you and then proceed towards implementation, after gaining clarity. Our financial planners are all fully qualified and experienced to handle your work.

Our’s is a remote model where we deliver the advice online. In that way, we are able to cater to clients anywhere in the country or abroad.  The delivery of the advice is entirely over the net. We have been using this model successfully for years now. We discuss & deliberate with our clients in detail and spend time on strategy & alternative scenarios, than traveling around (which benefits no one). The biggest advantage of this model is that it allows us to offer the benefit of our services to people across geographies. For us, geography is history!

We have satisfied clients from across India – Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad etc. We have NRI clients too from various countries.

We have a perpetual engagement model where you engage with us and we would completely be your anchor regarding your finances. We would be your personal CFOs, allowing you to engage much more in personal & professional areas of your life.

Our philosophy – We have already mentioned that we are completely client-focussed, fiduciary advisors. Ethics and Integrity are the corner stone philosophies guiding us in all the actions that we undertake. 

In planning, we focus on getting the overall strategy right. We like to keep things simple – be it the client’s investment portfolio, suggestions on insurance,  strategies for making the plan efficient & effective, planning for retirement etc. We believe that simple, straight forward products, which are clear & easy to understand are most suited for our clients. We don’t see any merit in complicating things to show you how indispensable we are.  We focus on the best value products for our clients, keeping an eye on the costs to them. We would suggest online products & other low-cost products that would meet the requirements.

Our focus is long-term.  All our strategies & choices are focussed on the long-term horizon – so much so that, we do not even follow the market much. We know the markets will deliver over time; but timing the markets is impossible. Hence, we don’t even try that!  You won’t find us taking tactical calls & moving into cash & moving back to equity. For us, sticking to the asset allocation and hanging in there is most important. It all works over time.