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Mahesh Vala, Babrala

It’s been over 3 years since I’m associated with LADDER7 and the investment advice received from team have been extremely useful & monetarily fruitful as well.

Mr Suresh and his team deliver truly professional financial planning services and put their clients’ interests first – I’d happily recommend LADDER7 to anyone wanting a holistic personalised service. And I look forward to a continued relationship with you.”

Thank you LADDER7.

Surendra Ranganath, puducherry

Having Ladder7 as financial advisors for several years has been a rewarding engagement. Suresh Sadagopan and his team have been fantastic. Their ongoing review of our financial situation and goals has been holistic, and they have suggested suitable asset allocation, funds for investment and course corrections as necessary.

Though I have not had the opportunity to meet Suresh and his team — our interactions have been through Skype, email and phone — I count on him as a trusted advisor and friend. Their approach has been
thoroughly professional, courteous, and their response to my many queries has always been timely.

The take-away that I can confidently share is that their advice puts the client first, and is free from any conflict of interest. I value the peace of mind (can a price be put on this?) that comes from knowing that our finances are under knowledgeable and competent advice, freeing me to pursue other interests.

Syam S, Navi Mumbai

If there is one thing that I regret in life, it is about not investing early in my professional career that started in 1987.  I did not know anything about Financial Stability let alone Planning. Accidentally meeting my BITS-Pilani batchmate Suresh Sadagopan in 2006 turned out to one of the biggest blessings ever. Suresh took stock of my pathetic financial situation and requested me to place trust in him and his ideas.  

He goaded me to invest a meagre amount into SIP’s which got transformed into a bigger amount of SIP’s when I went to work abroad. In mid-2016 as I turned 50, these investments helped to realise my dream of quitting my job and starting a venture of my own. Looking back in the cosy confines of today, but for Suresh and his wonderful set of colleagues in Ladder 7 Financial Advisories, I would be that guy looking for the next paycheck,  paying off mortgages and live forever frustrated.

Life just changed once I placed that “trust” in Suresh.  “It is not Timing the Market, he keeps saying. It is Time in the Market.” His sermon has worked for me. Suresh is, without doubt, a genius who has shaped my life big time. I shall always recommend his services unabashedly to anyone whom I meet . This tall lanky, modest and committed individual will always remain my friend for life.

Abhishek Dwivedi, Navi Mumbai

I have been dealing with Ladder7’s team under Suresh for many years now. Gaining access to their services has helped me ease out the burden to organize my finances and streamline my portfolio also. There are instances, where they are able to do changes as well cater to my requests with very effective responsiveness and don’t force options on you. Recommendations are there but it is upon you how and when you would want to adopt.

I have a good working relationship with them and feel comfortable dealing finance with Suresh.

Bindhu & Unny, Mumbai

Seven years back, we approached Ladder7 for financial planning based on the recommendation of a friend who was already using their services. Once the first year’s plan was in place, Suresh Sadagopan and his team gained our complete trust. The friendly but professional team painstakingly collected the required details from us and offered a thorough plan with detailed recommendations based on our goals. And, there was no looking back. Now we enjoy the freedom of guilt-free spending because we know we are saving enough for our goals in the right instruments as we implement Ladder7’s recommendations.

Other than the meticulous financial plan, what we love is the information that is regularly sent our way so that we remain up-to-date about the developments in the financial realm.

We consider ourselves part of the Ladder7 family. Without second thoughts, we would recommend Ladder7 to anyone who wishes to avail the services.


Bhaskar Ganguly, Navi Mumbai

Sometime during the year 2009. the interest of getting a full-fledged financial plan arose after reading numerous articles on the subject in the papers. My interest was piqued going through the profiles of the different persons featured in the articles, their financial status, goals and the broad plan sketched out by the planner.

Subsequently, the specific move of approaching a financial planner to get a detailed financial plan happened after discussion   with a few friends/colleagues who were also contemplating a similar move. I narrowed down on Ladder 7 and its founder Sh Suresh Sadagopan.

I must say that this decision has proved to be one of the best in my life. At that time, my financial status had several issues. I had made a few investments but they were mostly haphazard, and primarily in debt and insurance policies. Also, my investments were not linked to my life goals. This changed after going to Ladder 7.

After sitting down with my planner, my goals were mapped in the plan in a structured way and investments aligned to my goals. I could see clear timelines in the plan, the monthly and annual inflows and outflows, the debt and equity proportions, insurance needs etc.

Common goals like purchase of a flat, my son’s education/higher studies, own retirement etc. were factored in by Ladder 7. My planner also helped out in clear identification of certain additional financial goals which I had not envisaged at that time. Since the plan is regularly reviewed and revisited as per requirement, things are in place quite satisfactorily.

After having gone to Mr Suresh Sadagopan, I have gained confidence that I will be able to meet my future goals in life. It has been a great association of 9 years. Along with a definite improvement in my financial health, I have also gained peace of mind! A big thanks to Suresh and his whole team for this.

Vivaswan Bhattacharya Guwahati, Assam

I got a very detailed financial plan, which went into each and every aspect of my finance and requirement. They worked out even the schedule of how I should cash out my ESOPs and how to deploy the money got out of it, overtime. Their services post the plan completion was pretty good and the team members have been very responsive. I have implemented all the recommendations and have been with them for about two years and am very satisfied with the way they are handling my finances.

They are very helpful -specifically which I would like to mention …

Provide advice /guidance any time you call them, small or big

Always you feel a financial guardian behind you to monitor and show the right path with pros and cons

Very flexible and adapt when any changing scenario crops up in between

Never hesitate to say the right things, even if it not what I want to hear!

T.N. Suresh, Chennai

My association with LADDER 7 especially with Mr Suresh Sadagopan is more than 11 years and he handles all my financial affairs since then we have started in a small way like investing in Mutual funds etc. and now I just completed financial plan for my early retirement.

I can say that Mr Suresh advises are responsible for my wealth creation and my financial security of my future. I observed him to be genuine, highly professional and customer centric. I strongly recommend that every professional should  avail the services of ladder 7 to fully focus on their work and allow the team of Ladder 7 headed by Mr Suresh take care of their wealth.


Durbar Mukherjee, Doha, Qatar

It was a pleasure to be associated with Ladder 7 Financial advisories for preparation of the financial plan. They were meticulous in reviewing the personal income, expense, asset & liability profile, insurance coverage & investment portfolio and devise a plan to ensure fulfillment of the key life goals.
I look forward to continuing the association and to avail their expertise in future too. I recommend Ladder 7 to anyone who wants to seek expert advice on personal finance.