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Good Fit for those in service & professionals

Financial Planning & Advisories is meant for anyone who wants to sort out the financial portion of their lives, There is a flawed thinking that financial planning & wealth management advice is required only by the rich.  The rich require it no doubt; but the less well endowed, need it even more, as the margin of error is low in their case, in view of their limited finances.

The next argument is regarding the fee.  If one pays a fee for advice, it is that much money less for investments.  Investments made without proper advice can be toxic and detrimental to one’s long-term interest.  Infact, one may actually be throwing good money after bad investments – eventually ruining one’s prospects of achieving goals. Also, there are lot of those who will offer “Free advice”. Free advice is actually very costly as such people suggest what gives them the most commissions. In effect one may be paying much more in such a scenario, indirectly.

We are fee-only financial advisors and suggest what is good for our clients. We are fiduciaries, which means we put our client’s interest ahead of everything else, including our own.  We are SEBI Registered Investment Advisers ( RIAs ). That should give a lot of comfort, we reckon! 

Who should seek us out?

  • Salaried people & professionals, across the age spectrum would find us the best fit.
  • Those who want dispassionate & unbiased financial advice regarding various aspects of their finances from experienced advisors with proven expertise, would find us to be a good fit. You are assured of honesty, integrity & ethical conduct, in all dealings. Having a true, fee-only financial planner, who is only interested in your welfare would be an elevating experience.
  • Those who are really serious about sorting out their finances and achieving their goals. Those who want proper control over their goals and would want to ensure that they are achieved in a pre-meditated manner, instead of leaving it to chance. This results in clarity & peace of mind.
  • Those who want to get the big picture right. We do a 360 degree analysis & then offer advice, taking into account all factors.
  • Also, they will find that we will bring in efficiencies in money management, Investments, Tax planning, Insurance & Protection and others. Also, we would ensure that our clients don’t make the typical mistakes people make, in connection with finances.

What you do get when you engage us ?

  • You get a blueprint to go by – a comprehensive look at one’s situation & finances and a pathway on which to proceed for financial well-being.
  • After the plan, we can completely take charge, with our Perpetual Engagement Model. We offer client engagement sessions, Plan review, Portfolio reviews, Financial consultations as well as Implementation support & Reporting, for those who want, through our Implementation partners.
  • Due to this, we would be your personal CFO who would take charge of the financial portion of your life. That gives you enough time to pursue & enjoy your personal & professional life and achieve your full potential there. All these results in happiness & peace of mind.

We are your personal CFOs to assist in comprehensively & responsibly managing your finances, so that you may enjoy your life!