Benefits for you

Live life to the full with a busload of advantages

The most important benefit you get when you deal with Ladder7 is that, we are fee-only financial advisors. We are SEBI Registered Investment Advisers ( RIAs ) and comply to much higher standards required of RIAs. We represent our clients only – You!  This is diametrically opposite to distributors/ agents who represent their principals.

We are Fiduciaries, who are advisors that act in your best interests, always. We do not receive any commission from any product that we are recommending, ensuring conflict-free advice.  If there are any potential conflicts of interests, we would disclose them to you.  Hence, our dealings are honest, ethical & we act with integrity – which we reckon, would be very important to you!

Why True Advice Is Invaluable to You?

It’s very difficult to find true, client-centric advice in personal finance area. Mostly, the “advice” one gets is from an agent, which for most part is self-serving in nature. Even otherwise, the “advice” is steeped in conflict of interest, as they want you buy their products based on their “advice”. Also, agents tend to have limited knowledge beyond their domain area ( say Mutual Funds ). Their knowledge/ expertise across asset classes, advisory capabilities, education, experience in advising will be evolving.

It is to remedy this SEBI has come up with a new class of fee-only advisers. This is a new area and we are a front-runner here.  With us, you access expert advice from advisors who have the knowledge, experience, expertise & are conflict-free.


In a nutshell, you are dealing with advisors,
who represent you & do what is best for you.

Trusts & Wills protect & ensure smooth transmission to the right beneficiaries.

How Big Is the Benefit ?

Stop making mistakes –  When you come to Ladder7, obvious mistakes are avoided.  Conflict ridden advice would mean choosing products that may not even suit you & are costly and hence depresses your returns. Think about it. Getting into wrong insurance products, for instance, can bog you down for decades. 

Sometimes, a client has been sold a completely wrong product by his agent, as a solution. As experienced Financial Planners/ wealth advisors, we can pick out good investments for you, help you to avoid obvious mistakes and costly errors, which happen all too often, in the financial services space. We see that when clients come to us with their portfolio. Some of our clients have lost lakhs of rupees by opting for patently unsuited products, which deliver low returns & which are not even a good fit to achieve their goals. When you come to a good advisor such mistakes are automatically avoided.

Better Solutions – Apart from avoiding blunders, good advisors/ planners would be able to optimize the choices to clients based on best fit, taxation, liquidity needs, tenure needs, returns & risk inherent among others. We are conscious of the costs various products impose and will help you choose the right ones with low charges. Also, among products, we will put together a bouquet that is specifically relevant to you. We assist with reallocating the existing resources properly which unlocks huge value, in monetary terms. Many times, this itself is much, much more than the fee we charge.

When you are in professional hands, you get back the control of your finances and life. Hence, you can be sure that you are in trusted hands. You will feel secure that your investments are properly optimized and the family security has been ensured through appropriate safeguards. You know now that you can enjoy life without worrying about the future.

With us, you get conflict free advice & actually save/ make a lot of money. You will have full clarity & enjoy peace of mind.